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Aavid Thermacore Facilities & Equipment:
The Capabilities for Complete Solutions

Aavid Thermacore's research, engineering, test and production facilities, anchored by our dedicated Technology Centre, have helped us produce thermal solutions for a spectrum of applications — and also helped us extend the capabilities of thermal technology. Thermacore gives you more complete engineering and manufacturing services than any other global thermal company.

Dedicated thermal research testing and engineering facilities, featuring the capabilities of our dedicated Technology Centre, help us partner with your engineering team. We can take the design constraints (thermal, mechanical, environmental, etc.) of your unique application and develop a thermal solution concept, from prototype development and validation to qualification, pre-production and mass production.

thermal engineering and production

k technology headquarters


Our three production facilities, encompassing more than 100,000 square feet, offer a wide range of equipment:

  • Continuous belt sintering and brazing furnaces
  • Controlled atmosphere retort furnaces
  • Controlled atmosphere precision ovens
  • Solder belt oven
  • CVD furnace
  • Vacuum braze furnace
  • Vertical and horizontal CNCs
  • CNC lathe
  • Heavy-duty presses
  • Robotic TIG welder
  • Automated plasma welding systems
  • Controlled atmosphere welding stations
  • Ultrasonic cleaning systems
  • Custom fixtures, assembly equipment and thermal test stations

Our thermal manufacturing Quality Assurance (QA) capabilities encompass:

  • Fully equipped quality laboratories
  • Numerous quality certifications (ISO 9001-2000, AS9100, ISO14001)
  • Externally certified G, D&T quality technicians
  • Process qualification (CPK analysis, FAI submittal, customer/product specific traceability, Gage R&R study/analysis, MiniTab software)
  • Extensive ANSI and MIL standards expertise

Our Technology Development Laboratory is a fully equipped thermal product development facility offering equipment to support the product design, development, testing and validation of our products. This laboratory has an impressive collection of dedicated equipment, separate from our production facilities, including:

Quallity assurance

  • Thermal shock chamber
  • Thermal cycle chamber
  • Wind tunnel
  • Helium leak detector
  • Vacuum braze oven
  • Tube furnaces
  • RF generator
  • Controlled atmosphere oven
  • Box oven
  • Atmosphere controlled welding station

thermacore thermal testingAavid Thermacore's sophisticated analysis, research and testing equipment allows us to:

  • Model and analyse thermal performance of concepts under varying conditions
  • Evaluate prototype performance
  • Test product performance under various shock, temperature and vibration conditions 
  • Perform life and reliability testing thermacore thermal testing
  • Perform failure analysis 
  • Validate thermal solutions before mass production
  • Optimise production techniques — process development, equipment and tooling qualification, process control, production/process control software selection



Thermal management challenge? Take the first step towards the solution for you. Please contact an Aavid Thermacore technical representative or e-mail for more information on our thermal solution technologies.

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