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Capabilities Backed by Experience

Aavid Thermacore manufacturing capabilities are among the broadest in the thermal industry. Our manufacturing expertise includes Precision CNC Machining, Metal Joining, Heat Pipe Processes, APG Production, Mechanical Assembly and custom Equipment Fabrication.

Thermal Life Reliability TestingPrecision CNC Machining

Our comprehensive in-house thermal product machining capabilities have steadily grown over the years. Today our machining centres produce products for high-end servers, military radars and flight qualified aerospace components, among many others. This capability improves our ability to support our world-class thermal designs rapidly and completely while controlling our product cost. Our staff of experienced machinists, programmers and machine operators, working with our modern line of vertical and horizontal CNC mills and turning centres, is able to provide our customers the quality, responsiveness and cost competitiveness they have come to expect from Aavid Thermacore products.

Metal Joining

Aavid Thermacore has developed a well-deserved reputation for expertise in various metal joining processes in support of our thermal product designs. 

We have been sintering a wide variety of powder metals since our founding in 1970, using these powder metals to create high-performance wicks for single- and two-phase thermal solutions. We can create vacuum vessels and cold plates utilising both brazing and welding techniques, and we've also developed many solutions utilising aluminium vacuum brazing.

Our welding capabilities include robotic Plasma and TIG welding processes as well as controlled atmosphere welding. For aerospace products, we offer experienced, certified on-staff welding experts. 

Aavid Thermacore also has extensive experience in soldering, utilising an array of solders and processes, including custom solder stations, box ovens and controlled atmosphere soldering and high volume solder belt oven processes.

Heat Pipe Processes

Aavid Thermacore is unquestionably the world's leading expert in two-phase heat transfer thermal systems, thanks largely to our unparalleled 40 years of experience in processing heat pipes. From cryogenic through high-temperature liquid metal systems and everything in between, Aavid Thermacore expertise produces the highest-quality, best-performing thermal solutions.

APG Production

Aavid Thermacore’s k-Technology Division has developed an industry leading process for production of annealed pyrolytic graphite (APG) for high-performance thermal management, and a method of encapsulating this material in various envelope materials. This patented high performance material system is the foundation for our industry-leading advanced solid conduction thermal solutions.

Mechanical Assembly

Aavid Thermacore skilled operators average 10 years of experience. With the support of our experienced manufacturing engineering staff, they have become experts at custom thermal solution manufacturing including assembly of system level solutions.

Custom Equipment Design and Fabrication

Our custom products are the result of collaboration between our design engineers and our customer’s engineering staff. Since each product is unique, Aavid Thermacore has developed significant expertise in custom equipment design and fabrication to support the production and testing of these custom solutions. Our manufacturing engineering staff is expert in electro-mechanical design and machine code programming. 

Aavid Thermacore also has decades of experience in life and reliability testing including more than 300,000 hours of heat pipe life test data and field application data.


Thermal management challenge? Take the first step towards the solution for you. Please contact an Aavid Thermacore technical representative or e-mail for more information on our thermal solution technologies.

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