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Concept Creation

Every thermal management solution for every application begins as a response to a set of thermal and mechanical requirements — often representing a substantial set of challenges. Aavid Thermacore responds to your application challenges with proven expertise in concept creation.

thermal management soltutions from concept to productionWe're experienced in meeting specialised needs for better and better thermal performance in smaller and smaller spaces, constraints that are driving thermal solutions in a host of military and electronics applications.

Our engineers can develop solutions for any set of thermal/mechanical constraints:


  • Maximum thermal power requirements (in W)
  • Maximum heat source temperature
  • Maximum ambient temperature
  • Maximum liquid temperature
  • Air flow requirements (natural convection, forced convection)
  • Environmental requirements (freeze/thaw, weather, vibration, NEMA, RoHS, thermal shock, etc.)
  • Volume, space and footprint requirements
  • Mass and/or weight requirements

Meeting these challenges means putting our experience (500+ man-hours), proven expertise (100+ patents) and design innovation to work for you. We're also pioneers in leading-edge advanced thermal technologies for specialised needs. All of this means you get a concept tailored to your application's specific requirements, a concept ready to be turned into a detailed design.


Thermal management challenge? Take the first step towards the solution for you. Please contact an Aavid Thermacore technical representative or e-mail for more information on our thermal solution technologies.

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